about sufism reoriented

The name “Sufism Reoriented” means “sufism renewed” – the timeless path of love for God adapted and revitalized for today’s world.

what is sufism?
The word “sufi” refers to the inner path of love for God that has always existed in Creation. It is a generic term found in many languages; for example, it has roots in common with the Greek word for “wisdom” (sophia), the Arabic word for “purity” (safa), and the Aramaic word for “wool” (suf or suppa), referring to the garment of the spiritual pilgrim. Sufism is a universal “path of the heart”, which can be found in any time, place, or culture.

Sufism and the World Teacher

The stream of sufism throughout the ages is especially associated with the figure of the World Teacher, known in different traditions as the Avatar, the Buddha, the Christ, the Prophet, the Ancient One, who renews the divine message in every age. Sufis are drawn irresistibly by the flame of the World Teacher and surrender their lives in service to him. They dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to living his principles, the eternal principles of love for God and service to His world, freshly expressed in every epoch by his divine example.

There were sufis who followed Abraham, Zoroaster, Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad, under different names and forms, always adapting to the new message of the time with the understanding that all these faith streams flow from the One Source. It is sometimes said that sufism is an offshoot of Islam. But sufism is no more a property of Islam than it is of any spiritual stream on Earth. It is associated with all of them, and, though inwardly ever the same, is always changing outwardly with the times.

This ancient stream of sufism has been renewed for our age by the contemporary World Teacher, Meher Baba. He has reoriented it to flow in a new direction according to the principles of the new spiritual age now dawning. Rather than living these principles in monasteries, deserts, and mountains removed from life, Meher Baba charged his Sufis to live them in daily life in America, anchor them in the Western world, and pattern a new mode of life for the coming New Humanity.
“Humanity will attain to a new mode of being and life through the free and unhampered interplay of pure love from heart to heart.”
– Meher Baba
Meher Baba designed Sufism Reoriented as a school of inner development in the midst of the everyday world. Members are invited to join a shared life that supports, protects, and affirms modes of internal learning and growth toward God and their outward expression in the world. Students strive to move beyond the limitations and narrow boundaries of the personal ego, or lower nature, to experience the freedom and delight of an expanded life based on broad principles of harmony, beauty, and joy – all of which are attributes of love. Murshida Carol Weyland Conner explains:
Love is the essence of sufism, the path of the heart. A sufi is defined as someone whose inner structure is fashioned in such a way that he or she cannot do anything without loving God, though they may not realize it themselves. God may not be in the top level of their limited personal awareness at all times, but at the deepest levels of consciousness, a sufi automatically processes everything through his heart and responds to the energies of life by yielding to love. Because that process is at the core of their nature, they cannot live without God, and at some level of their being, they are always calling His name. And they are always offering themselves on the altar of transformation in His image.
“Love is the reflection of God’s unity in the world of duality.”
– Meher Baba
Whereas spiritual orders of the past often withdrew from the world in monastic communities, isolating their members from all that might distract them from one-pointed focus on God, Meher Baba’s principles begin with the knowledge that all aspects of life are divine. God is to be found everywhere and within everything, and spirituality is to be expressed in every facet of daily life.
“To penetrate into the essence of all being and significance and to release the fragrance of that inner attainment for the guidance and benefit of others by expressing in the world of forms truth, love, purity, and beauty – this is the sole game which has any intrinsic and absolute worth. All other happenings, incidents, and attainments in themselves can have no lasting importance.”
– Meher Baba
The order maintains centers in Walnut Creek, California, a suburb of San Francisco, and in Washington, DC.

Members of Sufism Reoriented come from all walks of life and are active in the broader life of their neighborhoods and communities.
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