The Meher Schools

Since 1975 The Meher Schools, in the East San Francisco Bay Area city of Lafayette, has provided quality nonsectarian education to thousands of children in the surrounding neighborhood and nearby communities. Through its White Pony preschool and Meher School elementary school (kindergarten through fifth grade), the school offers a strong, fully accredited academic program, extended daycare, and year-round programs that emphasize the arts and nurture the values of cooperation and respect for others. Enrollment has grown from nine children of members of Sufism Reoriented to more than 300 children from the larger community today.

Founded by Ivy O. Duce, the first murshida of Sufism Reoriented, the school was modeled on the spiritual principles of Meher Baba’s “Prem Ashram” (“School for Love”) in India. Now an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, The Meher Schools continues to serve the goals of its founder: to fashion an environment where each child’s individual strengths and creative potential of mind and heart are nurtured in an atmosphere of loving acceptance and joy. Many members of Sufism regularly volunteer to help maintain and clean the facilities.

Dr. Carol Weyland Conner, the current murshida of Sufism Reoriented, discusses the values of The Meher Schools in a twenty-five minute talk during a national online conference on character education.

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Values and Character Education for a New Age

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