Videos of Meher Baba and His work

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Scenes from Meher Baba’s Tour of Andhra, 1954
Time: 24 minutes
In 1954 Meher Baba toured the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, where thousands thronged to see him. We see Baba ascending stairs against the background of a beautiful blue sea, playfully riding a merry-go-round, tenderly embracing a lover, majestically greeting darshan attendees as the Lord of Love, and striding with his companions across the countryside. This video slows the footage down to highlight intimate moments, allowing us to share the immediacy and wonder of Meher Baba’s presence. This is accompanied by an original score by the Consortium of the Arts, which creates a vivid experience for devotion and meditation.
Scenes from Meher Baba’s Tour of the United States, 1956
Time: 30 minutes
For two weeks in the summer of 1956, Meher Baba kept company with his American lovers in many diverse U.S. settings: a Manhattan restaurant, the Meher Spiritual Center in Myrtle Beach and nearby Brookgreen Gardens, South Carolina, Los Angeles, and the Meher Mount retreat in Ojai, California. In San Francisco, he enjoyed the view from Coit Tower and strolled among the nearby towering redwoods of Muir Woods in Marin County. Throughout this “journey of the heart”, we are given rare glimpses of Meher Baba in his beloved land, America. As he plays with his companions, he further sets the course of the country that he revealed is destined to lead the world spiritually.

An original musical soundtrack by the Women’s Choir of Sufism Reoriented singing Meher Baba’s name combines with slowed-down footage to make this video ideal for meditation and contemplation.


Scenes from the East-West Gathering, 1962
Time: 40 minutes
In November 1962 Meher Baba invited his Eastern and Western devotees to Pune, India, for what he called the most important meeting of his Avataric advent. This video offers an intimate vantage point of Meher Baba as he showers his love on 5,000 lovers from around the world. As Baba gives his darshan, he further sets the course of a New Humanity in which the East and West will join in God’s Oneness.

An original musical soundtrack by the Women’s Choir of Sufism Reoriented singing Meher Baba’s name combines with slowed-down footage to create a timeless devotional experience.

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Prem Ashram Memories
Time: 39 minutes
In 1927 the young Esfandiar Vesali left his native Iran to study at the Prem Ashram, Meher Baba’s school for boys at Meherabad, India. Although he arrived with ambitions for a secular education, he was awakened to a longing for God, a flame that Meher Baba fanned.

Here Esfandiar shares his intensified experiences of the spiritual path: from moments of sublime bliss to struggles with powerful negative thoughts to his increasing understanding of the significance of the Master. He discovers that Baba knows his innermost being and that he can join the Divine Beloved deep in his heart. Esfandiar’s words carry the vibrancy of poetry as we follow this articulate young lover while he learns the nuances of the game of love. Esfandiar’s reminiscences are interspersed with period photographs, choral music, and scenes from The Prem Ashram, a play presented by Sufism Reoriented in 1981.

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Oh, What a Beautiful Morning
Time: 123 minutes
On May 24, 1952, along a rural stretch of highway in the heartland of America, all life was forever changed. Near Prague, Oklahoma, Avatar Meher Baba was severely injured in a major car “accident” that was no accident. Rather it was a critical part of Baba’s work to release fresh streams of Divine Love into the soil of America to give a boost to all Creation and help America fulfill its destiny as a world spiritual leader.

On the fiftieth anniversary of Baba’s accident, a four-day gathering was held in Oklahoma to commemorate this extraordinary event. Attendees shared songs, visited the accident site, heard from those who knew Baba, and enjoyed a rock concert, a dhuni fire, and more. Baba’s love and presence filled the air. This beautiful two-hour documentary honors Baba’s accident in a fresh, new way.

The Four Journeys
Time: 26 minutes
This imaginative video dramatizes a presentation Meher Baba gave at the East-West Gathering in 1962. Baba described the inner “journeys” of consciousness – through evolution, involution, and God-realization – using a large chart specially drawn at his direction by Rano Gayley. The video brings this chart to life through original music, dance, and striking visual images illustrating the central themes of Baba’s discourse. The chart and its explanation were later printed in Meher Baba’s books God Speaks and The Everything and the Nothing. This video, with narration in English and Hindi, was created by Sufism Reoriented for the 2012 East-West Gathering 50th Anniversary celebration at Meherabad, India, at the request of the program’s organizers.
Meher Baba in the USA, 1956
Time: 83 minutes
In the summer of 1956, Meher Baba toured the United States. He visited New York City and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and made several stops in California, including Los Angeles, Ojai, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Meher Baba asked Charmian Duce Corrinet, daughter of Murshida Ivy Duce of Sufism Reoriented, to film the trip. She acquired the best 16mm camera she could and traveled with him throughout his visit. She then edited the film, and in the late 1960s, assisted by Henry Mindlin and her future husband, Duncan Knowles, added a soundtrack. Charmian and Duncan provide the narration.