videos about white pony express

White Pony Express First Mobile Free Boutique
Time: 18 minutes
Pittsburg, California, is one of the poorest communities in its county. Many people here lack nourishing food, warm clothing, and shelter. An energetic new nonprofit, the White Pony Express, started by Sufism Reoriented, gathers food and clothing from those who have a surplus and delivers it free to those who need it, and seeks new ways to offer shelter. The program flows from a belief in the unity of life; by sharing abundance, the goal of “prosperity for all” is within reach!

One arm of the program, the Free General Store, offers free clothing and items that these adults and children need but can’t afford. This touching film takes us to the Store’s first “Mobile Free Boutique”, staged in the Pittsburg United Methodist Church. Several hundred volunteers worked tirelessly for months to put on this Boutique. Here Pittsburg women and men joyfully “shop” for free clothing, trained wardrobe consultants help guests pick out pleasing outfits, and children happily select free clothing, fun toys, and good books to read. About one-third of these guests have no shelter. They live under bridges, in a nearby forest, and near the trail that goes by the church. But on this special day, it is clear that someone does indeed care about them.


Video Circle of Giving
A Circle of giving
Time: 14 minutes

This is a vital, energetic, and moving film that follows volunteers in the dynamic White Pony Express as they gather large amounts of excess nourishing food from markets in one California county and deliver it to those who feed the poor and hungry.

This extraordinary all-volunteer nonprofit program now gathers 4,000 pounds of good food – every day! (The average automobile weighs 4,000 pounds!)

How does this incredibly successful program work? In this film we watch the program in action and hear from all the key players – the White Pony Express executive director, a dispatcher, “runners”, the grocery store manager, the heads of programs feeding the hungry, and, most important, the people and families receiving the healthy, nutritious food to eat.

Here we see clearly that the White Pony Express is an outstanding model of a food rescue program that can be replicated anywhere people are going hungry but there is surplus food. It doesn’t take much to get a program like this started. Once it is up and running, what an amazing difference it will make in people’s lives!